What can a student with a Marketing Degree be missing about marketing?

Abhishek Sonawane
5 min readJun 30, 2021


I have been a marketing student for 9+ years now. Marketing has been my subject of interest since grade 9th. Fortunately, I was educated in a private school which allowed me to study the subject of my choice (i mention this because not everyone has the liberty to do so and I really thank the gods for giving me this privilege) Hence I ended up choosing Marketing and commerce over the traditional mathematics and physics, chemistry and biology classes.

My liking for marketing has led me to study marketing from many different angles. Recently, I joined an internship programme with someone called DigitalDeepak. I was really sceptical of this internship programme as I had been part of many internship programmes but they all have turned very fishy. But something deep down told me that this guy looks genuine.

The fact that this guy wants to pay me for learning a valuable life skill, seemed like a deal that cannot be rejected not just that if I excel in the assignments that he gave me, I could even win back more money than I invest in this internship! This was like a mad value proposition, it was a no brainer, I had to take it! After a couple of days later I attended week 1 class and this class is about success mindset ?? I was like what in the hell is this, I was here to learn about Digital Marketing and this dude is selling me success mindset ???

Initially, I was a bit reluctant to watch this video as I was a little arrogant about the fact that I read books and follow very influential people on Instagram hence I don’t need to watch his success mindset video. And to my surprise, I couldn’t be more wrong. That success mindset video was one of the most well put together videos I have ever seen. It covered a wide range of topics. Right from mindfulness to eating habits to the usage of social media and quite honestly my mind was blown. After watching that video I turned off my laptop for a while and took a stroll in my backyard. During that walk, I was thinking about the video I just watched and something really dawned on me. The fact that this guy is paying for me to get my mind in the right place is priceless. As this level of genuineness, I haven’t seen with anyone that I have worked with.

As a natural INFJ, I looked at this act from a deep and introspective lens and i realised is that this act of taking my money and using it as a carrot to make get my mindset right, is a piece of modern-day genius. This act speaks volumes about the character of the person heading the organisation and the organisation itself. This has fostered a lot of trust and reliability for me in the organisation. This act was a piece of Marketing Genius.

The second week came around, This week, I was taught the Law of Marketing. My curiosity was immediately peaked as I had a good experience from the first week. I was ready to Learn marketing from the lenses of Deepak Sir. As always the quality of this class was top notch. The very first thing that class focused on was the distinction between marketing and digital marketing. Why building a strong understanding of Marketing was important before you digitize your effort of marketing. This was particularly helpful to me as there were so many things that I didn’t have a clue about. For example:-

Exhibit 1. Breaking down financial Goals in attainable bits -

This diagram has been especially helpful to me as it has given me a framework to envision my goals. I had written down my financial goals but I have been sort of vague in my ways to achieve them. This diagram helped me structure my thoughts and ideas regarding my finances.

Exhibit 2:-

Integrated Marketing Approach

This has been a great approach towards thinking about marketing. I was sort of always taught to look at marketing in silos. Each activity is a separate function but the integrated marketing approach just opened my eyes to a new way of thinking of content management, marketing as an activity. After learning this approach in brief I am convinced that this is the way forward.

Exhibit 3:-

The massTrust bluePrint

This is another example of the genius of Deepak sir. I mean this Blueprint is so precise in its ability to generate trust. In my humble opinion, if this is used properly, this will help budding digital marketers create their 1000 true fans and beyond. For people in Leadership positions, this is a must-have.

Exhibit 4.

The CATT Marketing funnel

Show me a better funnel and I’ll give you 10,000 Rupees. I kid you not. This is in my opinion one of the most thoughtful Marketing funnels available in the market. Deepak sir tells us that marketing is not just creative activity it's based on science and while studying this funnel one will understand why. There is a direct formula for wealth generation from marketing. Which is

Wealth = N^CATT which stands for :

[N] Niche — Your success & Wealth depends on the niche you choose

[C] Content — Create useful content that attracts people from your niche. Blog posts, videos, Lead management, Live webinars etc.

[A] Attention — Drive attention (traffic) to your Content using SCO, Social media, Paid Ads and Referrals

[T] Trust — Build Trust With your audience with tripwires, Marketing automation and retargeting

[T] Transaction -Convert your leads into customers with a natural sales method.

I don’t think I need to quote any more examples, you get the point. This is just a snippet of what is yet to come. Out of all the things that I have done correctly, I think choosing this internship and choosing to believe in Deepak sir was one of the best decisions I have made. This is my 2nd week in a 16 weeks journey. Can’t wait to see what's more in store. I am someone who is very critical of things and don’t approve of things easily forget about recommending. But in the case of the Digital Deepak Internship, I would implore anyone reading this, try it out once. I think this is beyond the education of just marketing, it’s more of a mindset changing experience. I would urge everyone to associate with Digital Deepak and explore the possibilities of starting your own journey and trying a hand at entrepreneurship.



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